Dunstan Baby Language ~ The Beauty of Baby Babble


The Beauty of Baby Babble

Baby babble is one of the most wonderful sounds in the world. Not only is it extraordinarily cute and heart-melting, it is the very foundation for every piece of communication that will ever take place between you.

Baby Babble is the foundation stone for learning how to talk.

 It’s amazing how the ability to make a squeal can absolutely amaze your baby. You’ve seen it, right? She will make a particular sound, pause for a second while she listens, and then bursts out with joy and wonder at what she hath wrought. 

So, interact with it. Echo the sounds back. Pull faces. Play pat-a-cake. Laugh and giggle. And while you’re there, keep an ear out for the first hints of the Baby Language creeping in.

Newborns can only focus for a very limited time. Perhaps after a few minutes she might start be getting a bit overwhelmed. You might start hearing ‘Heh’, which is the signal to calm things down a bit and make sure she isn’t overheated or annoyed by anything in the environment. (Inside our courses, we have plenty of videos of babies saying ‘Heh’ so you can really learn the different ways babies vocalise the word, and the circumstances you might start hearing it.) 

Or perhaps after a bit of play your little one might start becoming tired, or hungry. Well, don’t worry, there are baby language words for both of those needs. Which means you can quickly address the correct issue. And not fumble around trying to figure out what you need to do.

After a bit of a rest, hopefully you can get back to the babble. Because babble’s brilliant. And beautiful too.


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