Dunstan Baby Language ~ Baby Talk for Moms


Baby Talk for Moms

A team from Princeton University found that new mothers shift the tone of their voice in a similar way when speaking to their baby, even across multiple languages. The team recorded the mother-child pairs as they interacted to see how their voices changed. They used a special device that classified the different timbres. 

No matter what language a mother speaks, ‘baby talk’ is universal. Because it’s not what we say, but how we say it that matters.

 Amazingly, the researchers also found that the ways moms spoke to their babies was so similar across cultures that a computer algorithm could detect in most cases when a mom was talking to her baby or to an adult. It makes sense, doesn’t it? 

We know that when we’re talking to our babies, our voice softens, the rhythm becomes more sing-song. No-one taught us to do this. We just innately know what is the best way to engage our little ones with our voice.

Language and auditory communication is extremely important for a baby’s development. Doctors have long known that babies instinctively react to their mother’s voice. Talking and singing to babies can help soothe them and help them learn.

Talking directly to the babies and singing is very important for their cognitive development with learning language and communication skills.

It’s also very soothing. Your voice is their favorite thing in the world.

Newborns can sense a parent’s mood through their voice too. Babies learn to read cues and know when someone is angry.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents to talk to their babies from the start to help them learn vocabulary.

“Even before your baby can talk, back-and-forth conversation will help your baby learn the meaning of words and later be more ready to start school,” they advise. “So, ask him questions and then answer them. Name and label what you see inside and outside your home.”


Your baby understands you. You can understand them too.

That’s what the Dunstan Baby Language is all about. Babies love to listen to you, and they want you to understand what they are saying as well. The Dunstan Baby Language is based on five simple ‘words’ that you can easily learn. As you develop your listening skills and begin to discover the subtleties of the Dunstan Baby Language system, you’ll find that your parenting life will become calmer and more loving. More sleep for everyone!   


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