Dunstan Baby Language ~ ‘Me time’ for newborn moms is as important as ‘We time’


‘Me time’ for newborn moms is as important as ‘We time’

Newborn moms are awesome at looking after their children – nurturing, feeding, loving, playing, educating, disciplining and laughing. Many of those Mums are also great at looking after their partners. Again: loving, caring & laughing.

Why then, when we are the ‘experts’ at looking after others, do we often do such a poor job of looking after ourselves? 

I’ve seen many women who love the early days of parenthood, and then they start to look tired and worn out. It can lead to resentment, listlessness and worse.

Parenting can be both fulfilling and exhausting. But a newborn mom who looks after herself will be able to more easily cope with the various things which can happen in a day.

The second concern with not looking after yourself as Mums, is the modelling aspect. Children model our negative as well as our positive traits. If you are tired, constantly giving, and never doing anything for yourself, this is the image you are presenting to your children. To your female children you are saying, (through your actions): ‘When you grow up honey, you can be tired and run-down like this’. And, to your male children, you are saying: ‘When you grow up, find someone like me, who’ll do everything for you’. Is this the message you want to convey?

Model strength and fulfilment, love and receiving, nurturing and self-care. The same things you want for your children

So, how do we find ‘Me-Time’ when there’s washing to hang out, a breast to empty, and other stomachs to feed in the house?

Simply value yourself enough to make it happen. Get organised with someone you trust to look over your little one and don’t back out of your plans.

Pick a time this week and make it “Me-Time”. 2 – 3 hours should do it. Keep this appointment. You know that if it were an appointment for the dentist you wouldn’t cancel it. If you can do it for a dentist, you can do it for yourself too.

Not only is it good for you, in the long run it’s good for your little one.


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