Dunstan Baby Language ~ She’s a sponge. So give her something to absorb.


She’s a sponge. So give her something to absorb.

Now? But she’s so tiny! Yes, believe it or not, now. Even in the first weeks of life. In her awake time she is soaking up all manner of information. According to Maria Montessori, your baby has an unconscious absorbent mind.

She is trying to make sense of the world around her all the time. She is actively seeking to learn and grow.

Here are some simple things you can do in those short periods when she is alert and attentive to lay foundations for how she explores the world. And creating a platform for a lifelong love of learning. That’s the Montessori baby way.

1️⃣ Provide a variety of textures for her to touch. And don’t wait until she has graduated to tummy time on a textured playmate. Almost from birth, your baby will grasp tightly to your finger. And yes, it’s adorable. But it’s also an opportunity. Give her some different fabrics to feel. Let her feel the handle of a spoon, or a wooden toy. Bit by bit provide opportunities to build her sensory vocabulary.

2️⃣ Speak in rich language. The sound of your voice is the most wonderful sound in the world to her. (It doesn’t last until teenage years, unfortunately). When you are talking to her, get in the habit of using rich language. Instead of saying ‘tree’, think about saying ‘pine tree’. Rather than saying ‘apple’, take care to say ‘red apple’. If you make efforts to broaden your own vocabulary, you’ll be encouraging her to broaden her own.

3️⃣ Stimulate her visually. It’s never too early to read her books and show pictures. Her vision is limited, but she can detect blocks of shape. Montessori provides visuals for babies, usually in black and white. Babies love them. And they help strengthen vision as well.

Of course, it’s important to watch out for any signs of overstimulation. For those of us who work with the Dunstan Baby Language, we know that as soon as your baby starts saying ‘Heh’, they’ve had enough and it’s time to take away the stimulation and let her calm down.


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