Dunstan Baby Language ~ Three fundamental truths about parenting newborns


Three fundamental truths about parenting newborns

1. Your newborn is happy if you are happy.

Have you ever noticed that when you are having a bad day  – it seems to rub off on your little one? Fussing a lot, wriggling uncomfortably, and just feeling a little off-key. Have you seen that correlation?

It happens in the reverse too – when you’ve slept well, and the sun is shining and you managed to drink ½ a cup of hot coffee before you got distracted.  

What this tells us is that mothers are pivotal in setting the tone for the day. Newborn parenting is an art. But you never want to wait for the muse to strike you.

Babies are sensitive to the moods of those around them. They notice that you are different. Whether stressed, or sad, or angry. They sense it and as a result are influenced by it.

 Look after yourself, take time out to have coffee with a girlfriend, get out in the sunshine, have a bubble bath – do something nice for you on a regular basis. The benefits to you and your sense of well-being is huge. And of course there’s that ripple effect for your children.

2. You can’t do everything.

It takes a village to raise a child. And that goes from the very first day.

So don’t beat yourself up. If a dish goes unwashed or a floor goes unvacuumed, either shrug and let it go, or gently suggest to your partner that they pick up the slack. Mom’s are often great for this too.

Newborn parenting is about prioritization. Of course your baby comes first, but you are a close second. Your relationship comes close behind in third.

None of them can be neglected. They all need to be managed. But you don’t need to take on that load alone.

3. Newborn parenting is messy. But it does get better

You’re figuring it all out. You will make mistakes. There will be vomit, tears, leaking nappies and bleary eyes all round. Just when you think you’ve got it all under control, another curve ball gets thrown.

If you harbor any fantasies about being the perfect mother, drop it right now. It’s not going to happen.

Let’s instead accept good parenting as our goal, or even great parenting. Where we do the best we can every day, and we learn from that as to what works well and what doesn’t. 

Millions of parents have found the Dunstan Baby Language can help them build confidence in their parenting. And if that helps make it just a little bit messy, isn’t that worth it?

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