Dunstan Baby Language ~ Your baby is an individual. Treat her that way.


Your baby is an individual. Treat her that way.

Do you and your family share the same schedule? Or any of your friends? Do all of you wake up at exactly the same time, and eat exactly the same meals in tandem? Of course not. You’re an individual and you like things to be the way that works for you. And it’s no different for your baby.

You baby loves a routine. But she hates a schedule that doesn’t feel right to her.

Don’t get me wrong. Babies like routines (especially the ones they help create). They just hate schedules. Schedules are cold. Clinical and unyielding. They are nasty little square pegs no round hole wants anywhere near them.

Perhaps someone has told you a baby should be put down to sleep at 8pm. But what if your baby isn’t tired then? And what if your baby isn’t hungry when you’re trying to feed him? If someone insisted you go to sleep when you weren’t tired, you’d get frustrated, right? Or outright angry if you kept telling that person that you weren’t tired and they weren’t listening. 

The Dunstan Baby Language is built around responsive parenting. We teach parents to respond to a baby’s verbal signals to help build a flexible routine with their baby’s individuality at it’s core. This way, when she says the word for ‘tired’, you know that she is sleepy right at that moment. Before she gets overtired, cranky and difficult to console. And voila! Bedtime gets easier. 

Very soon, you’ll discover that you’ll slip into a natural rhythm with each other. An easy routine that can wobble and flex from day to day depending on how your baby is feeling and how the activities of the day affected them. Parents say that once they tune in to the Dunstan Baby System, it takes an incredible amount of stress out of the household. 


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